The History behind ONE.

When our first chairman of ONE. World Alliance e.V. Jan Diedrich traveled the world by bicycle from 2016 to 2018, he reached a place in India, near the border to Bangladesh: Bongaon.

At this place, a priest named Father Anthony Rodrick had started to create a home for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. At that time there were already 18 children living there provided with accommodation, food and school education.

Jan found so much kindness and generosity at this place so that he decided to get involved in supporting the development of this initiative in the future.
The priest shared his vision of building a school for the children in the dormitory and the whole town.
Jan decided to commit himself to making this philanthropic dream come true.

Finishing his journey and back in Europe, Jan, together with the Japanese singer and songwriter Ai Miyagi, began giving donation-based talks on his adventures and concerts to raise funds for the school construction.
Due to joint efforts the school building was built within 3 years and has open its doors im 2021.

Through the insights gained into the living conditions of the poorest in India, further social projects were initiated by Ai and Jan in the following years (see previous projects).

These projects, combined with the strong desire to permanently improve the living conditions of the poorest and suffering, form the cornerstone of our association.