Interested? Your involvement

There are several ways to support what we are building up:

1. Become Member of “ONE.” for yearly 25€ / person or 45€ / couple.
You will be part of the association, invited to participate in zoom meetings and get-togethers and involved in decision making to design our future.

2. Volunteer with us on side in Kolkata.

3. Support us as a consultant. 
We are still developing our future projects and there are many many things to be done such as: 
– promoting our charity to gain members 
– setting up communication strategies to address people to volunteer
– being a sparring partner to challenge our concepts for improvements
– visualising and outlining marketing campaigns
– helping to grow our administrative structure.

4. Donate for the costs we have to cover in projects and administration (from now on we can hand out tax deductable receipts).

We are thankful for any kind of support that helps ONE. to become its best version!