Become a volunteer

ONE’s regional focus of volunteering activities is Kolkata in India. 

Together with our local partner association, Seva Kendra Calcutta, we initiated a volunteer program, which encourages foreigners to come to Kolkata for sharing their time, personality and skills to the benefit of people in need.

Our partner is a social non-profit institute in its 50th year of service. One of Seva Kendra’s activities is providing job-trainings and self-development courses with valid certificates in order to help young adults from marginalized areas to apply for jobs at local employers and companies.

Our joint vision is to connect volunteers with this education program or further social aid programs in Kolkata to get into a vivid exchange – to contribute as volunteer by transferring individual abilities and at the same time to benefit from the exchange with the amazing Indian people and their culture.

Together with Seva Kendra we can offer our volunteers a safe and comfortable setting on site in Kolkata. During their stay the volunteers can be hosted on the campus of Seva Kendra, will there be accompanied and guided throughout their time – from the transfer from the airport to the compound, to a local introduction, shared meals and constant exchange with a volunteer coordinator. Our volunteers can fully concentrate on making use of their time and abilities to its best possible benefit.

We believe in a strong mutual exchange of learning for both sides.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer in Kolkata for some weeks or months?
Please contact us via e-mail or our contact formular – we are most happy to share further details and options with you.

Insights on Kolkata…

On the streets of Kolkata, even today, there is a tremendous suffering and misery, the health and hygiene situation is extremely challenging and many people live and die unnoticed on the sidewalks of the streets.
One hotspot of this social tragedy are Kolkata’s slums and its train stations and there is hardly any way out of living in misery for the people born into those conditions.
Access to the state schools is often unused or reserved to boys, if at all, due to the need to support the families in their daily earning. Also due to the Covid-19 pandemic, countless children have dropped out of school. 
There are already countless ongoing help initiatives to support people in need but there is still a long way to go that is why we are convinced that our serving makes a difference there.

Despite the challenges Kolkata is facing at the same time the city is one of the most unique hotspots in the world with a lot of beauty and cultural heritage to discover. Many Westerners fall in love with this city and stay touched by its immense intensity.

Impressions from Kolkata